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Phyo Kyaw Han

Male, 21 years old

Killed in Bago on 19 2022-02-05

On the evening of February 5, Phyo Kyaw Han and Shine Wunna Htet, living in Sai Gaung Village in Bago Region’s Gyobingauk Township, went to the Nyaung Myaing Village to give a wedding invitation letter. On the way, the military stopped and questioned them. Shine Wunna Htet ran away and was arrested by the village administrator, and was handed over to the military, while hiding at the Nyaung Pin Ai Village. He was tortured during interrogation. Phyo Kyaw Han was checked but he was told to go. Then, he was shot dead in his back, as an NUG Profile was found on his Facebook Account in his phone.