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Myint Wai

Male, 40 years old

Killed in Magway on 19 2022-06-16

Myint Wai from Lone Gyi Village, and a PDF resistance fighter called Myo Swe, were killed by the armed wing of the junta on June 16 in Myaing Township, Magway Region. There had been clashes between June 16 and 22. On June 16, Myint Wai was shot dead after trying to escape when local villagers were told to sit down by junta troops. On the morning of June 16, a clash occurred when a military column arrived to the side of Pyin Thar Village before advancing to Lone Gyi Village. During the clash, a PDF resistance fighter called Myo Swe, was detained by the junta. His body was later found burned, but it is unknown which date he was killed.