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Mae Gyi

Male, Age Unknown

Killed in Sagaing on 19 2022-06-06

The armed wing of the junta raided Kan Phyar Village in Myinmu Township (Sagaing Region) during the afternoon, on June 6. The soldiers came into Myat Saw Nyi Naung pagoda compound, where displaced civilians were taking refuge. They searched the motorbikes that were parked in the pagoda compound and said they found a gun hidden under one of the seats. They asked whose bike that was but the villagers said they didn’t know. As a result, the soldiers set all the bikes on fire. They also picked out around 30 men out of the 100 displaced people, and gave them 10 seconds to start running. When they did, around 20 soldiers began shooting at them from behind; resulting in the death of 6 men. Another three were shot to death in front of other villagers after they were told to place their hands on their heads. Two other villagers were found dead inside the burnt down Buddhist monastery. The ages of those who were executed ranged from 17 to over 60 years old and they are Myint Oo, CDM teacher Nay Zar Aung, Paing Paing, Yupa, Aung Min Naing, Hla Soe, Mae Gyi, Thura, Tin Htwe, San and an unidentified person. Among them, the 17-year old Paing Paing suffered from polio and a mental illness. Soldiers ganged up on him, kicked and stepped on him, resulting in him kicking them back. The soldiers then threw him into the fire, according to a displaced person.