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Hlaing Wai Oo

Male, 26 years old

Killed in Sagaing on 19 2021-08-05

On August 5, junta soldiers and the Pyu Saw Htee detained five Than Pauk Villagers near Obo Village in Sagaing Region’s Minkin Township allegedly for being involved in the anti-coup revolution. A 26-year-old Hlaing Wai Oo was beaten to death right in front of the detained persons at a school in Pan Sat Village. Two sons had taken their mother to Yar Village which is close to Pan Sat Village because she was suffering from illness. A total of five people including two sons and their mother and two other men were arrested while returning together. Hlaing Wai Oo was killed in front of his mother. A few days later, three of the Villagers were released, but nothing has yet been heard about the one remaining Villager.