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Aung Zaya

Male, 40 years old

Killed in Magway on 19 2021-08-09

On the afternoon of August 9, three junta police wearing plainclothes entered Pike Thin Village and opened fire because a protest leader San Ko from Pike Thin Village escaped from arrest when three junta police tried to arrest him at a COVID-19 checkpoint. Aung Zaya, a Villager from Pike Thin Village in Magway Region’s Myaing Township, was dragged into their car because he was holding a slingshot when he went out of the house to look. When junta police arrived near a pond at the top of the Village, they told Aung Zaya to get out of the car and told him to run towards the pond. While Aung Zaya was running, they shot him from his back. Aung Zaya died on the spot from this gunshot injury, according to a local.