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Ah Khu

Female, 37 years old

Killed in Sagaing on 19 2021-03-28

Ah Khu is a women's rights activist who has been active during the Spring Revolution. At noon on March 28, the armed wing of the Junta cracked down on Tahan protesters with sound grenades, rubber bullets, assault rifles and heavy explosive weaponry. Ah Khu was providing medical assistance to front line protesters who were injured. A plain clothed junta soldier shot Ah Khu in the chest from a tall building. She died on the way to the hospital. On the return of Ah Khu's body to Chin State, the junta was conducting a search operation in Kalemyo Township and at the exit gates of Kalemyo. Her body was stopped three times on the way back to Chin State. They falsely claimed that the body was not Ah Khu, but the body of someone that had died as a result of hypertension. The junta have regularly taken bodies away and cremated them, themselves. Ah Khu’s family members decided not to use the name "Ah Ku", to prevent this from happening and avoid harassment from the junta.